What is offered

FLAVORS OF PERU is a fair held with the aim of offering all participants a majestic tour of Peru from north to south and from east to west, with our best dishes from all regions, among which we can highlight the Peruvian ceviche, stew typical of the Peruvian coast that delights all the people of other gastronomies that see the fish marinated in green lemon juice, with a point of chili pepper so that the ceviche is the synthesis of the fresh and natural with the perfect simplicity. It is finally, the sea on the table. That is why most foreigners never stop remembering and associate it with our culinary identity.



Besides that you can taste more than 50 typical dishes of Peru.



We have a great selection of Peruvian desserts such as the purple pudding, the picarones, sigh to Lima, and many more.

We have a very special bar where you can taste our non-alcoholic drinks such as our purple drink, emollient,  jora drink , in addition to trying our best pisco and Peruvian wines.



The fair will also provide typical dances, such as marinera, among others as well as music bands that will provide all the magic and seduction of the largest gastronomy fair in Peru.