Flavors of Peru

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Flavors of Peru: Uniting Cultures through Gastronomy

Welcome to Flavors of Peru, an initiative of the Allpacuna Foundation committed to disseminating the rich culture and delicious Peruvian food in the United States. Our mission is to weave a vibrant link between music, gastronomy and Peruvian culture, bringing everyone an authentic experience that celebrates diversity and tradition.

You will experience the explosion of flavors of Peruvian cuisine, from fresh ceviche to the enveloping aromas of ají de gallina, among others. Each dish is a story, each bite a connection with our roots.

Flavors of Peru is not just a gastronomic experience, it is a journey through the history of Peru. From art exhibitions to traditional dance demonstrations to typical foods, each event is infused with the rich cultural heritage that we carry with pride.

We strive to build bridges between communities, fostering understanding and respect through cultural exchange. Flavors of Peru is more than an organization; It is a space where everyone is welcome to share, learn and celebrate together.

Flavors of Peru, where each experience is a feast for the senses and a bridge to the heart of Peruvian culture.


Flavors of Peru is organized by the Allpacuna Foundation. ALLPACUNA is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting comprehensive and sustainable development, through programs and projects that are aimed at improving the quality of life of those who are in vulnerable or at-risk situations. Allpacuna’s ultimate goal is that the beneficiaries of our work can act as multipliers of the effect of this solidarity action, contributing in turn to the future well-being of their communities. In this sense, we responsibly assume our role as an agent of change, and we contribute to promoting sustainable development through the implementation of programs and projects that improve the quality of life of people, their families and their communities.